Center of Excellence | INTRODUCTION

A Centre of Excellence is a (typically small) team of dedicated individuals managed from a common central point, separate from the functional areas that it supports within a practise or organisation. Sometimes referred to as a competency or capability centre, the COE is often the team leading the way in exploring and adopting new technology tools, techniques, or practices. We mainly focus on - Providing thought leadership and direction, Establishing and promoting best practices, Research and development, to provide appropriate recommendations, Support and education, Performing other similar functions in specific focus areas considered critical to the success of the overall organization or practice that the COE supports. In addition to its core focus areas, the COE can also add value by contributing to Optimising the organisation or practise by centralising resources with high-demand and unique knowledge or skills and streamlining their contributions across a wide range of areas, Improving ROI through the identification and development of reusable assets, Reducing delivery times, development, and maintenance costs by increasing efficiencies and leveraging reusable assets, Identifying and reducing duplication of effort across initiatives within the practise or enterprise.