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Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies. Parker provides innovative solutions to create a positive impact on the world. Fuelled by a passion for innovation, thousands of Parker motion and control engineers are working to solve the worlds greatest engineering challenges.


The innovative technologies Parker developed for American Magic in preparation for the 36th Americas Cup helped to push the boundaries of yacht racing, while also laying the foundation for products and systems of the future.


Training Program:

1. Introduction to Hydraulic systems, Hydraulic transmission of Force and Energy, Hydraulic Cylinder, Rotary positive displacement, Hydraulic Fluid and its properties, Viscosity considerations.

2. Hydraulic Power Pack, Components used in hydraulics: Pumps, Valves etc., how pressure is developed in a hydraulic system, Hydraulic Cylinder construction and types.

3. Hydraulic Motor a rotary actuator, Balanced Vane pump working, Gear Pump construction and types, Piston Pump construction and types, Gear motor pump working, Pump calculation of Power and efficiency.

4. Control of Hydraulic Energy, Pressure control valve, Directional Control valve, Check valve, Pilot operated check, Pilot operation in DC valves, Solenoid and its operation for DC valve actuation, Electro hydraulic Directional valves, Symbols used in hydraulic circuit, Pressure Relief valve, Counterbalance valve, Sequence valve, Unloading valve, Pressure control valve symbols and associated terms, Flow control valve orifice, Gate valve.

5. Control of Actuator speed, Proportional control valve, Servo control valve, Accumulator and Intensifier use and function in hydraulic circuit.

6. Hydraulic circuits what it is? Meter in and Meter out circuit, Regenerative circuit, Flow divider circuit, Sequence operation circuit, Unloading circuit, Circuit involving hydraulic motor and control of its speed, Hydraulic press circuit.


FACULTY INCHARGE: Er. Pradeep Agrawal - Contact No.: +91 79871 78534