Central Workshop

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1 Central Workshop

Central Workshop is centralized facility of the Institute and it is one among those that serve, support and enhances the academic activities. Central workshop at CSIT is constantly engaged in providing feasible solution to complex Engineering problems, which may include in- house design and development. It also supports researchers in making their experimental set –ups and modifications if required in existing ones. The Central Workshop is spread in 588.30 Sq. Mtr. area and comprises of Machine shop, Welding Shop, Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop, Carpentry Shop, and Black Smithy Shop. Central workshop is following the 5S standard practice for proper workplace management. Trained and experienced staffs are the assets of this Central facility.

Fitting Shop:

Details of equipments available in fitting shop:

  Hydraulic Power Hacksaw

  Bench Vise (110 and 200 mm) – 72 Nos.

  Bench Drill Machine

  Tap and Die

  Try Square

  Hand Vice and Hand Files

Welding Shop:

Details of equipment available in welding shop:

  Welding Machine (Electric Arc)

  Rectifier Machine

  Spot Welding Machine

  Transformer

  Gas Welding


Black Smithy Shop:

Details of equipments available in black smithy shop:

  Furnace

  Tong

  Anvil

  Swage Block

  Hammers


Machine Shop:

Details of equipment available in machine shop:

  Lathe machine: - Centre Lathe and Turret Lathe

  Drill machine: - Impact Drill Machine, Radial Drill Machine and Hand Drill Machine

  Grinding Machine: - Bench Grinding Machine (1 H.P and 3 H.P.) and Hand

  Grinding Machine

  Shaper Machine

  Shearing Machine

  Milling Machine

  Power saw Machine


Foundry Shop:

Details of equipments available in foundry shop:

  Moulding Box and Tools

  Pit Furnace (10×10)

  Riddle

  Pit furnace

  Reamers

  Ceramic Crucibles


Carpentry Shop:

Numerous wood cutting machines and equipments are available:

  Wood Working Lathe Machine

  Fret Saw machine

  Jack Plane

  Pairing and Farmer Chisel

  Tenon Saw

  Rip Saw

  Carpentry Vise

  Rasp Files and Different Hand Files