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Onward Technologies is an Indian Multinational Engineering and IT services company. It is a leading global player in Mechanical Engineering Design and IT Consulting, listed at both Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE: 517536) and National Stock Exchange (NSE: ONWARDTEC) Onward helps global organisations address their engineering needs and challenges.

 Established in 1991, Onward Technologies caters to customers who are leading players in their respective fields. With a strong team of 2100+ employees operating from multiple offices and client locations across India, US, UK & Europe we work across industries - from Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare & Medical Technology, and Rail Transportation to name a few.

 Training Program:

Courses on ANSYS FEA




Introduction of FEM

Introduction of FEM


ANSYS Mechanical Overview


Basic Analysis Procedure

Structural Analysis of a block

The Engineering Data application

Adding Material Properties




Mesh Creation

Meshing Methods

Mesh Controls

Local & Global Mesh Controls

Mesh Evaluation

Mesh Defects

Static Structural Analysis

Linear Structural Analysis

Named Selection

Beam Connections

Object Generator

Parameter Management

Bracket Analysis

Non-Linear Structural Analysis

Linear Vs Nonlinear Analysis

Static Structural & Modal Analysis

Contact Offset Control

Contact detection



Remote Boundary Conditions

Application of remote loads

Constraint Equations

Transient Loading

Modal Analysis

Plate with hole

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Steady State Thermal Analysis

Eigen value Buckling

Buckling of column



Courses on ANSYS CFD




ANSYS Meshing

Introduction to ANSYS Meshing

Tee Junction Meshing

Meshing Methods

Exhaust System

Global Mesh Controls

Workshop on Global Mesh Controls

Local Mesh Controls

Home Assignment

ANSYS Fluent

Introduction to CFD


Introduction to Fluent GUI

Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer in Mixing Tee

Cell Zone & Boundary Conditions

Fluid flow around NACA0012 Air foil

Boundary Condition Continued


Solver Settings

 Turbulent Flow past Backward Step Turbulent Flow past Backward Step

Turbulence Modelling

 Vortex Shredding

Heat Transfer

 Electronic Cooling with Natural Convection

Best Practices

Electronic Cooling with Radiation

Transient Flow Modelling



FACULTY INCHARGE: Mr. Rajnikant Patel - Contact No.: 7009979943