Students Clubs

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1 ! Click- The Photography Club

Photography is a knack; for some, its a passion; and for some, its a profession. Photographs are the best means to capture reminiscences, and if taken with exactitude, they become treasures. We at CSGI give chances to nascent technocrats not only to enhance their technical knowledge but also to work on their passions. The Photography Club came into existence in 2011, and all the students with the zeal to do something unique with each moment captured can become its members.


1. To provide a platform for students to enhance their skills.

2. To give a platform to departmental students to become part of an offbeat type of club.

3. To capture memorable moments in a unique way.

4. To organize workshops on photography skills.

5. Promote photographic competitions.

6. Promote the club and its members through the public display of photography.

7. Provide an outlet for the expression of creativity and the sharing of skills and experiences.

8. Provide photographic instruction and mentoring.

2 The Cyrus-Music Club

Enrich the campus and the region through concerts, workshops, and other public events, and provide opportunities for musical expression by students, faculty, and guest artists. And to Develop an analytical, creative, and intuitive understanding of music as a cultural language. To teach music through actual performance.


1. To develop performance skills on the various wind, string, and percussion instruments.

2. To develop an awareness of the relationship of music and composition to students current lives and  musical experiences.

3. To provide all students with the opportunity for worthy use of their time, a means for self-expression, and a healthy social experience.

4. To develop the ability to function as a responsible member of a group, and enhance social interaction.

5. To foster leadership skills within each student.

3 RAW- Robotics Club

The purpose of the robotics club is for students to learn how to code and write commands for robots through play. By programming and controlling robots, students will step into the world of science, acquiring knowledge and skills that will be useful and applicable beyond the classroom.

From the past three years, we have engaged our students with active participation in various workshops, contests and tutorials to develop their interest in Robotics.

4 SOCH- Social Media Club

The Social Media Club hosts a crew of students who explore key issues facing our society by conducting educational events to share the awesome social media talents in our community. This club is to transform lives by connecting, communicating, collaborating, and relating to each other.


1. To provide students with the opportunity to express their ideas and talents through social media.

2. To foster industry-institute interaction by posting content related to guest lectures by corporate delegates, plant visits, and industrial visits organised by the institute.

3. To develop relationships with alumni, entrepreneurs, academicians, and industry professionals.

4. To digitally market the events and activities by uploading photos, videos, and related reminders about the events.