CSIT | Introduction

Chhatrapati Shivaji Group of Institutions consider Alumni as one of the important assets of the college. Our alumni’s are the ambassadors of our college, they are the testimonies to our efforts in building their career. CSIT has an established Alumni Association, which works in bringing each one of the alumni together, CSIT organizes various activities like Alumni meet at different states of India to create a healthy bond and a strong relationship with each other. The major objectives of the alumni association are to enhance the coordination between CSIT & its alumni to improve the interaction of our alumni with our Budding Engineers, management & faculties to have a strong & a healthy bonding. 



·       CSIT strongly believes in bringing its alumni into a common forum.

·       To maintain the contacts of the alumni with the alma-mater.

·       To promote and to develop a sense of tradition &heritage with the support of our alumni’s in CSIT family which in turn will strongly lead to the future growth and prosperity of alumni’s and the alma-mater for the overall development of the up-coming budding Engineers.

·       To get the support from our alumni to the students in developing Entrepreneurship and latest practical know-how and in securing proper training      and placement for a bright future

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