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The Entrepreneurship Research Incubation Centre stands for the unique connection between strategic creativity, scientific writing and consistent practical as well as research orientation. In rapidly changing world, organizations need innovative but yield reliable solutions. Our research activities develop and evaluate such solutions together with outcome ranging from curriculum based UG level projects to formula car. With the headship of Dr. Anurag Verma, Professor, Mechanical Engg and Director, CSIT the centre has significant research projects ready to solve the societal as well as environmental issues.


  • Propagate the importance and value of entrepreneurship among the students
  • Imbibe sense of entrepreneurship and managerial skills among the students
  • Identify problems and needs, and develop technical solutions
  • Develop technical instruments
  • Activities:
    Lab Setup and upgradation (including consultancy)

  • Heat and mass transfer lab
  • Refrigeration and Air conditioning lab
  • Robotics
  • Kinematics and Dynamics of Machine Lab
  • Systems Lab
  • Advanced Manufacturing lab
  • Human machine interaction lab
  • Institutional/Innovative/Inter departmental/Projects

  • GPS Based Real Time Synchronized Clock System with Automatic Reset.
  • Simulation Of Bottling Industry Automation Before Product Packaging Unit Using Image Processing And Robotic Arm.
  • Multi Sensor Operated Robot.
  • Controlling of Electronics Appliances Using Brain Wave Sensor.
  • Design and Fabrication of Wall Climbing Robot
  • Design and Fabrication of Hexapod
  • Innovative projects/commercialization

  • Cost Effective fully Automatic Power Wheel Chair for Old age and Disabled
  • Alcohol Detector