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Aim of the Sales and Marketing Club is to make our students familiar with sales and marketing practices and principles. This club provides platform to learn and nurture skills require for employment in sales and marketing industry. Additionally, it promotes discussion between students, faculty, alumni, and business people through events and special invited talks.


To impart necessary skills and knowledge required by a professional in fields of Sales and Marketing, through group activities, trips, guest speakers, and research study.


  • To promote real leaning of sales and marketing strategies in the Institution.
  • To facilitate employment opportunities in area of sales and marketing.

  • Objective and Activities of the Cell

  • To teach students about fundamentals of marketing.
  • To develop knowhow on modern marketing systems, terms, jargons and activities.
  • To help students to collaborate with expert members and get help to polish their talent that will enable to excel in the field.
  • To Facilitate the students with understanding of DIGITAL Marketing, BRANDING Communication, Online and Offline Sales.
  • To enhance employability of the students.