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Message from The Director Administration

director Administration@CSIT

CSIT has earned a wide reputation due to its academic excellence and extra-curricular performances. It is well known name not only in Chhattisgarh but also in Central India. Its academic programmes, quality education and co-curricular activities have been contributing in the overall development of learners. CSIT feels pride to see that while the students enjoying learning and its approaches are largely being admired and attested by the peers.

Since its inception, CSIT has been enriching the society by producing exceptional engineers laced with sound technical knowledge and immense potentiality to serve in best possible way. Over the years, it has built quite a special position in the higher education sector with its distinctive academic-culture. The Institute provides a student-centered learning environment which contributes in overall development and encourages to explore the innovative realms of technical knowledge.

Our unique educational system ensures that our students gain just not knowledge about their area of specialization, but also a holistic set of skills that will equip them to overcome the challenges of the real world. CSIT helps in gaining opportunities, expand boundaries, exploring platforms for collaboration & learning, and recognitions for those who strive to excel. CSIT has been organizing a lot of co-curricular activities, each of which aim to help CSITians know the world beyond the books.

The Institute has received many awards for excellence in technical education and performance. These appreciations and awards are testimony to our success stories that the faculty and the management have worked for over the years. The journey towards academic excellence is continuing with inculcating innovative practices and features in our academic pursuits.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Deshmukh