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The department of information Technology was established with an intake of 60 students in 2008. This department has been functioning successfully since the inception with an objective of reinforcing the knowledge of student in the field of technology and to produce sagacious efficient and true professionals. The Department’s main objective is to create and guide this big pool of intellectual resources available in our country in a most efficient manner to reap maximum benefit for the nation and individual. An information Technology degree is one of the most aspired degrees today for both undergraduate and post graduate students. Information Technology can be used widely in all the sectors of the economy. It offers a bright future for the innovative and growth oriented students. Due to increasing demand for the information Technology professionals, it has become the most preferred career option all over the world. Information Technology can be applied in various sectors such as in banking, agriculture, health and medicine, railways, forensic science, police wireless and even in the education sector. It has emerged as the most powerful tool for all round development of the world today and has been recognized as driving force of the next century. Indian IT sector is booming and emerging steadily on top of the global information technology market.


The Department has the State of Art Laboratories fully Equipped Automatic Control System Lab, Sensor and Transducer lab, Bio Medical Instrumentation Lab, Virtual Instrumentation Lab, Optical Instrumentation Lab ,Programmable logic controller lab ,Industrial instrumentation lab ,Applied Electronics Lab, Simulation Lab in addition to laboratories of Digital Electronics, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers , Computer Programming, Computer assisted Measurements, and the latest Instrumentation Techniques.


1. Highly qualified and dedicated experienced faculty.

2. Guest lectures are conducted by the software company Experts.

3. Short term Courses are organized for the students to make them acquainted them with emerging software development approach.

4. Directed Study through research is implementation to improve the programming skill of the students.

5. Students guided for the development of Software as well as encouraged for participation in Seminars and workshop.

6. Well maintained departmental library furnished with all kinds of books.

7. Wi-Fi enabled campus.

8. In- house Software Development for Institute usage.

9. Renowned software and hardware companies are invited to conduct in-house short term courses on latest emerging technologies for students.

10. Well maintained departmental library with all kinds of reference books.

CSIT Member

Dr. Neelam Dewangan


CSIT Member

Prof. Praveen Shende

Assistant Professor(IT)

CSIT Member

Prof. Shailendra Dewangan

Assistant Professor(IT)

Building Route of Information Technology [BRITE]

Building Route of Information Technology Engineers ‘BRITE’ is a student body of Information Technology department The objective of BRITE is to provide a arena to cultivate various technical and extracurricular activities like workshop and Guest lecture on numerous new technologies, Sports, Cultural events, etc. The Association’s motto is to develop inner qualities of students in various fields according to their talent. This year association organized various activities such as Guest lecture, extracurricular activities as well as organizes and conducts various program and activities. Motto of BRITE association is overall development of student in all aspects of life, it teaches the student intra as well as inter group communication and work culture.