S.No Faculty Name SPI / CO-PI Topic Ref. No. Amount
1 Mr. V. Hemant kumar Principal Investigator Development and Deployment of Smart Controller for Solar Pumps to Drive Agricultural and Domestic Equipment’s CRP under TEQIP – III and CSVTU 1,50000
2 Mr. Prabhas Gupta PI Smart irrigation system using IoT Tequip 1
3 Prof. Sanjay Kumar Singh PI Development of Functionally Graded Material & Mechanical Object Disk & Plate CSVTU TEQIP-III 2
4 Prof. Sanjay Kumar Singh Co-PI Synthesis and Characterization of High Entropy Alloys CSVTU TEQIP-III 3
5 Mr. H. R. Chandrakar Co-PI Fabrication of safe low pressure acetylene generator for gas welders of Chhattisgarh regain CSVTU TEQIP-III 1