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Anti - Ragging

As per the report of the Raghwan Committee the Supreme Court has set policy with strict measures against those found indulging in undue activities pertaining to ragging. CSIT in agreement with the norms follows strict discipline in all spheres of administration, especially ragging. Following are the members of the different committees formulated by the administration:

Anti Ragging Committee

This has the reference to by-laws of Chhattisgarh Government, Central government and the rules of the University. We hereby constitute the following Anti Ragging Committee so as to achieve zero level of Ragging in CSIT.

Er. Sanjay Kumar Singh Dean (Placement & Student Affairs) 9669978555 Chairman: Anti-Ragging Committee The Chairman Anti-Rangging Committee and members are to scrutinize the events and report the same to the Director for necessary action towards discipline. 
Er. Gurmeet Singh Vij  Head (Civil Engineering)  9893726836
Dr. C. S. Sharma  Head (Communication English) 8966000051
Er. Deepty Dubey Incharge Head (CSE) 9981211706
Dr. Padmini Sharma  Associate Professor (EEE)  9329639384 Vigilance in Girls Hostel and its campus. Report to be submitted to the Chairman Anti-Ragging Committee by Dr. Padmini Sharma
Dr. Sumita Sengupta Incharge Head (Engineering Physics) 8109988924
Er. Manjusha Silas  Associate Professor (EEE)  8602493809
Er. H. R. Chandrakar  Associate Professor (MECH)  8966000059  
Er Dheeraj Kumar Ghaghare Assistant Professor (IT)  7000693588

Vigilance in Boys Hostel and itscampus. Report to be submitted to the Chairman Anti-Ragging Committee by Er. H R Chandrakar.

Er. Keshav Kori  Assistant Professor (CSE)  7000089840
Er. Nishant Shukla  Assistant Professor (MECH)  8966000064
Er. Nirmal Pandey  Assistant Professor (E&I)  8109167303
Er. Sudeep Kumar Pradhan  Assistant Professor (MECH)  9770401378
Er. Prabhash Kumar Gupta Incharge Head (IT) 9826721229  
Mr. Yogesh Baghel  Sports Officer  8966000073

FLYING SQUAD MEMBERS will take frequent rounds ranging fromcollege campus to Pulgaon Chowk.Er. Prabhash Kr. Gupta will reportcases to Chairman Anti Ragging Committee. (Change of timing willbe notified from time to time). 

Mr. Kamlesh Upadhyay  Assistant Professor (MGM) 8966000055
Mr. Bodhan Nishad  Security Supervisor  8966000033
Mr. Hemraj Deshmukh Upper Divisional Clerk 8966000192
Mr. Dagendra  Sinha  Office Assistant 8966000066
Mrs. Preeti Singh Assistant Professor (MATHS)  9111830427 Near Training & Placement Office
Ms. Shikha Shrivastava Assistant Professor (MATHS)  9907155980 Canteen
Mrs. Dipti Sharma Assistant Professor (MATHS)  7879503187 Canteen
Mr. Kalyan Sahu Assistant Professor (MATHS)  7898662315 Physics Lab 
Mr. Revendra Kr Deshmukh Assistant Professor (MECH)  9770128053 Parking Area 
Mr. Shailendra Kushwaha  Assistant Professor (Engg. Chemistry)  7587144437 Near First Year Classes 
Ms. Trupti Suryawanshi  Assistant Professor (Comm. English)  7869150746 First Year Coordiantor Room 


Proctorial Committee

As per guidelines laid down by Hon’ble Supreme Court to fight menace of ragging in Educational Institution the following proctorial committee has been formed to keep a continuous watch and vigil over ragging and promptly deal with the incidents of ragging, inside and outside the campus.

Er. Sanjay Kumar Singh Dean (Placement & Student Affairs) 9669978555 Discipline Incharge
Dr. Padmini Sharma Associate Professor (EEE) 9329639384 Member
Er. Priyank Shrivastava Incharge Head (MECH) 7772078777 Member
Mr. Rajesh Verma Registrar 9826937473 Member
Mr. Rajeev Nair Corporate Relation Manager 9826199557 Member

Flying Squad for Distant Places like Durg, Bhilai, Rajnandgaon and Charoda is constituted in the Institution.

Er. Sanjay Kumar Singh Dean (Placement & Student Affairs) 9669978555
Er. Gurmeet Singh Vij Head (CIVIL) 9893726836
Mr. Rajesh Verma Registrar 9826937473
Mr. Rajeev Nair Corporate Relation Manager 9826199557
Mr. Kamlesh Upadhyay Assistant Professor (Management) 8966000055
Mr. Yogesh Baghel Sports Officer 8966000073
Mr. Dagendra Sinha Office Assistant 8966003042